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~A Little About Us~

My name is Marjory, but my friends and family all know me as "Molly". I am fortunate enough to live in a very large antebellum plantation house, which has remained in my family for many generations. It is called "Elmwood Farms", so it seemed appropriate to follow tradition, and use the same name for my business. I live here with my fiancee Terry, and our menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish. (That's one of our 3 bunnies in our "Cruelty Free Ad"!) I would like to thank my entire family, as well as Terry, for their love, patience, support and encouragement in my business efforts. I could never have done it without them!

How Elmwood Farms Soaps & Sundries Came To Be...

Elmwood Farms Handmade Soaps & Sundries was born in 1997, when I made and used my first batch of handmade soap. I decided to learn to make soap because commercial soaps were so drying and irritating to my skin. I was constantly itchy, had flaky skin, and often had blemishes on my face. I spent TONS of money on every commercially available product on the market. Nothing helped. I had read about handmade soap, and decided to give it a try. VIOLA! My skin problems were over! I told my friends and family of my new discovery, and EVERYONE wanted to try my soap. Before I knew it, Elmwood Farms Handmade Soaps & Sundries was born!
At Elmwood Farms Soaps & Sundries, you can be sure you are getting quality products every time. Choose from Fragant Handmade Soaps, Effervescent Bath Fizzies, Luxurious "Body Butter" Moisturizer, Beeswax Lip Balm, "Baby Face" Face Cream, and More! Elmwood Farms Soaps & Sundries... Home Made Goodness From Down On The Farm.

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